Sony As The King of Latest Mobile Phones


Sony is one of the most famous brands with endless lists of the latest mobile phones with such excellent features. Almost all features from Sony provide a great source of technology and entertainment with high end technology to their users. All the features, from time to time are very innovative with advanced functionalists. But still, Sony does not take communication purpose for granted. Click here to read in depth Article about the Latest Mobile Phones. This device can be the best communication device with clear and crisp voice among the users.

Sony Xperia J

Sony has just launched Sony Xperia latest mobile phones which are welcomed with excitement by all Sony fanatics. Features are surely excellent and they include some features which are best for many functions—from entertainment to high technology features for office user. The 12 megapixel camera stands out among others because the camera is best for any photo taking and video shots. Users can enjoy high quality music and videos.  The internet browser is an obvious feature along with some games which are exclusively found in this mobile phone only. Play station games are what makes people interested more with this wonderful mobile phone.

Other excellent features from Sony Xperia J includes

  •   A charming design which is pleasing to our eyes.
  •  Only 124 g, very light and comfortable to hold
  •  Very slim 124.3 x 61.2 x 9.2 mm chassis

The 1GHz single-core processor with the 512MB of RAM are the main highlights though Xperia J still lack of smooth Ice Cream Sandwich features. However, its 4-inch display remains as the best among other latest mobile phones due to its clear view. Price is decent and this can be much better than its predecessor, Sony Xperia Miro.

Sony Experia T

This is one of so many latest mobile phones that James Bond was using. Ever since its launching, Sony Experia T has boasted its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 1.5GHz dual-core processor, as supported by 1GB of RAM. One of the best features from Sony Experia T is the 13MP camera which can match well with the 4.6-inch display. The display adopts the technology of Sony’s Bravia TV technology.

Yet, the whole design looks very elegant as it is very slim. Both MicroSD and SIM card are loaded within a hidden slot-loading system. They can be found on the right side of the handset, on the dust cover. Though you have to flick the very thin cover, you still feel it very sturdy. First purchaser will get 16GB internal memory though they can add the memory up to 32GB with the MicroSD.

Criteria to Find on Latest Mobile Phones

If you are new to several features of latest mobile phones, then you can just narrow down your search by making classification on the hardware and software specifications. The tips provided on might help you about Criteria to Find on Latest Mobile Phones. Most smart phone deal with high end operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Phone or Android. Yet, iPhone products always deal with special iOS, while Blackberry always features OS.  Especially like Sony and other brands, they mostly have a multi core processor for their speeding up the application. Learn more about the latest technological devices and gadgets at this website: .