How to Determine the Worth of Your Business Before You Sell


If you’ve been considering selling your business, in some ways, it’s like selling a home. While ideally, it would be nice to simply set an asking price, the reality is that it’s important to do some serious evaluating in a few different areas so that one, you can get what you deserve and two, the amount that you request can be backed up with legitimate proof. With the help of these professional hints and suggestions from, you may get the knowledge necessary to determine the worth of your business prior to selling it.

To help you do that, we have enclosed a few tips on what you can do to determine the worth of your business before you sell it. That way, the transaction between you and your company’s future buyer can be an easy one.

The company’s assets

One of the first ways to evaluate a company’s worth is by looking at its basic book value; its assets. This would include things like its furniture, equipment, and software as well as its copyrights and trademarks.

The company’s capitalization of income

When people are preparing to make a purchase that’s as big as a business, one of the main things they want to know is what is the projected return on their investment. This would include inquiring about the maturity of the company, the type of management it has, its turnover rate as well as its sales projections and marketing position. All of this plays a role in how much they stand to earn once they own your business.

The company’s market valuation

Another technique that is used to determine the value of a company is that it undergoes what is known as a market valuation. This means that the business is compared to others within its industry to get a gauge of its current value and potential earnings. The fascinating thing about this method is if your company is relatively new (less than five-years-old) but it’s continuing to thrive and make impressive profit earnings, its market valuation could be 5-10 times more than what it’s currently worth. Utilizing the step-by-step guide that have provided here business services chicago, you will be able to precisely determine the value of your business.

The company’s cash flow statement

Say that a Tampa business broker is considering purchasing your company. One of the things that they will probably want to discuss is your business’s cash flow statement. This is essential being that it helps them to see how much money has been used and is also earned throughout the normal course of business. Plus, a cash flow statement reveals just how much money has been used to invest in new property or equipment as well.

The company’s liabilities

Of course, it would make sense that if a company’s assets are being taken into account that its liabilities would be as well. These things include any bank loans you have, (back or current) taxes that may be owed, the promises that you may have made to deliver certain products or services, and any outstanding invoices to vendors and suppliers.

As you can see, determining the worth of your business can be a bit of a complex matter, but if you take all of these things into account, you can feel confident that you’ll get a price that is more than fair—to you as the owner and the future buyer too. At, you can get advice and recommendations from industry professionals.