Five Exciting Lesson to Learn From Indian Travel


People often believe that vacation or travel is a way of experiencing a new phase of life. This new phase will help in providing life-valuable lessons on the go. The best place for such an experience-filled vacation is India. Here are the top five things that you would learn from an Indian vacation.

God is in what we do

Indians believe that God is nature, God is guest, God is work and God is humanity. You would be a stranger for them, but they will come a long way to help you when you really need them. This belief of seeing God in every good deed we do, helps to attain a great deal of self-satisfaction even when the reward is very low. This is also the main reason why you can find good interconnectivity within people, even when they are separated with different languages, borders, religion, caste, creed and so on. If you want to learn more about adventure traveling, then take a look at this website for helpful information.

Money does not give happiness

Most of the exciting and unique activities you would be enjoying in India would be luxurious and expensive like hot air ballooning, river rafting, private villa stay and so on. However, India is a land, which sees beyond materialistic wealth. This is the place to understand money isn’t everything. You can take part in workshops, visit Auroville, experience the wilderness of Dharamshala, live like a monk in Ladakh monastery or a hippie in the beaches of Goa. You can open yourself up for a new world of Indian experience, when you try to create memories without stuffing money to service providers. Hot balloon air over Manali, India.

Live close to Nature live longer

The country has its recent problems with preserving the environment. However, every spiritual celebration and custom they have, brings them closer to nature and the environment they grew up. This helps to rejuvenate them, increase their health factor and most importantly create many unique experiences. The cuisine of the land, the clothing they wear in the style of accessories they hold give them more access to nature and its bounty of nutrients. This culture is what is missing in most of the western parts of the world. Go to this website for detailed information about traveling to India.

Chaos means life

Everything is a hustle in India. Try to get into a train like maharaja express, Palace on wheels, Deccan Odyssey, one of the world famous luxurious train to enjoy the royal life of India to explore historical destinations early in the morning. Or, find a seat in a beautiful park in the city.

You will find there is always a chaos in the wind. The traffic, markets, beaches, shops and every destination is lively with this chaos. This chaos is what makes India colorful. This chaos has tuned people to understand how to tackle with life, how to say ‘no’, how to identify a scam, how to ask for things and so on. Try haggling with a rickshaw driver and he could stand a strong negotiation session like a Harvard business student.


As said before, chaos is a part of India. Thus, the locals have been trained and tuned to be patient in every part of their life. They appreciate mundane task of waiting for something to happen, without getting irritated or provoked. This patience gives peace of mind and stability to withstand the chaos. Combine these five elements and you will get one character to add. It is called ‘being grateful’. Indians are grateful for every morsel, every step and every drop of rain. They thank God for the heat, for the rain and even for the wind. They appreciate the social surrounding with festive celebrations. Being grateful makes sure that no one is taken for granted, even the livestock. Our website provides complete information about traveling to beautiful places and their famous resorts. Do not forget to check that out!