9 Benefits of Having a Temporary Carport

Temporary Carport

There are many benefits to having a temporary carport on your property. You won’t need to build a garage or worry about fire safety codes when you have a portable carport. While it could raise your home value if you leave it there when you sell, you could take it with you too. You can also check the variety of temporary carport options on LastDitch.net. Protect your vehicle with ease!

Additional Storage

A portable carport can be used for additional storage if your attic, basement or crawlspace is filled with items. While it’s not a covered garage, you can still store items in the carport to keep them out of the elements. You’ll need secure, plastic bins for storage in the carport. It’ll keep the items from getting damp since many carports do not have flooring.

Vehicle Protection

A carport is traditionally used to keep your vehicle out of the elements. Many people install the carport right next to the back door. In a rainstorm, they can easily run groceries inside without getting soaked. It’ll protect the car from the blazing hot sun, which can fade the vehicle’s paint.

Doesn’t Need Permits

You might need to talk to your home owner’s association depending on where you live. Each area is different but if the carport isn’t a permanent structure and doesn’t exceed 20 square metres, you don’t need to obtain a permit. It’s always best to check your local building authority for definitive answers.

Boat Storage

When you’re not using a boat, trailer, motorcycle or other recreational vehicle, a carport makes great storage for the vehicle. You don’t want to leave these things out in the elements. You want to keep them stored in a safe place. If the carport is placed close to the home, it could protect against burglars too. They’ll be less likely to creep close to the home.


If your garage is stuffed to the rafters with tools and boxes of items, you can use a carport to store them instead. It’ll keep them outside where you might need them for home maintenance while giving you room to clean and organize the garage.

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Extra Outdoor Room

You don’t have to store anything in the carport. You could use it for an extra outdoor room on your property. It’ll keep you shaded and out of the rain while you enjoy a drink at the end of a long day. It can be used during parties and events too. Although, it’s best if you don’t use a hot grill under the canopy of the portable carport.

No Need for a Storage Unit

A unit at a storage facility can cost a bit of cash each month. With a portable carport, you can remove items that you previously kept at the storage facility. It’ll save you money in the long run. It’s important to ensure that any cardboard boxes are traded for plastic bins to keep items safe from dampness.

Building Code

When you build a garage on the property, you have to worry about building permits and fire safety codes. With a portable shelter, you don’t have to be concerned that the shelter be built to a special code dictated by the city or county. A temporary carport doesn’t need special codes.

Car Work

Whether you have a garage or not, you might need extra space to work on another vehicle. With a portable carport, you can work on a car or boat without having to worry about the sun beating down on you. It’ll keep the vehicle out of the rain and sun while you’re doing repairs, which could take several days. With a covered carport, you could stop while in the middle of a repair and leave all your tools in the structure. They would be safe from the elements.

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